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Lake Claire has become a place for UCF students to come and rest during the school year. It is important to this area’s history because it starts to show how big UCF is and how much they care about their students. Lake Claire provides many services to students. Tailgates, kayaking, paddle boarding, and a place to picnic are provided here. This lake began as a place for students to relax many years ago and it still does just that. On any day you can find students taking part in the free activities provided here. Overall, this serves as a safe space for students.

“Lake Claire Recreation Area (1972).” Site, “Lake Claire Recreation Area (1972)” is a short article created by UCF. In this article, all renovations done in history to Lake Claire are listed. There are also many before and after pictures. This source creates a great visual guide to what Lake Claire has been through over time. Bernard, Alaina.

Get Outside the Box – and Go Outside! 2014. EBSCOhost, This article explores ways for UCF students to get active. More specifically, how students can get active at Lake Claire. In terms of a CLIO posting, this article provides insight that gives valuable information to students. The article is very useful.