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The Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences of Charleston, West Virginia is a facility that is dedicated to promoting performing arts, visual arts, and the sciences by various events and interactive instruments. This building hosts many pieces of art; the most eye catching is the 68 foot sculpture on display of the entrance of the facility created by Albert Paley.

  • Hallelujah

 Albert Paley created this art installation in 2010 and has been displayed there since. Albert Paley is well-known as one of the world’s leading metal artists. He works with a variety of metals. Hallelujah, the sculpture, was constructed in New York, assembled there, then dismantled, and re-assembled in Charleston. The sculpture has received numerous comments regarding to the appearance in which it obtains a look like ‘junk’ due to the main component which is steel. The sculpture is still displayed outside the entrance of the Clay Center and it is unknown when it will be disassembled and relocated to a different location.

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