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Vernon Social is a large joint student center and residence hall space located at 114 Vernon Street on the Trinity College campus in Hartford, Connecticut. Vernon Social is home to a myriad of viewing events throughout the year such as Super Bowl and VMA viewing parties. The space is also the location for number of annual events held by student organizations such as Trinity College Black Women's Organization's (TCBWO) 'Sex, Milk, and Cookies' and Encouraging Respect of Sexualities' (EROS) Annual Drag Show. As of October 2019, the space is also home to local eatery 'Steve's Bagels'.

  • Vernon Social Center
  • Alpha Chi Rho Plaque

Vernon Social was renovated to its current state in 2017, but historically the space has looked very different. In the space where Vernon Social currently stands was the chapter house of the Phi Psi chapter of Alpha Chi Rho, more commonly know on campus as Crow. By the building's entrance is a plaque commemorating the former fraternity house. The plaque reads, "Here stood, from 1940-1955, the fraternity house of the Phi Psi chapter of Alpha Chi Rho, a brotherhood of athletes and scholars, all of whom were men who loved Trinity." The fraternity is now located nearby at 106 Allen Place. 

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