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The Tiananmen Memorial was placed at the gates of Chinatown in Boston. It consists of a cement block on the left of the main gate in Chinatown, with Chinese and English written on it. It states: "This park is in honor of the democracy movement in China and in memory of those who died in the struggle for freedom in Tiananmen Square in June 1989." There are murals all around this cement block, behind it on the walls of the gates of Chinatown. These murals seem to reflect Chinese art and tradition, and really creates beautiful background for the cement block containing the text. This memorial serves as a symbol of great respect towards the people that lost their lives fighting for democracy. This movement affected generations, as the protestors were students.

The Tiananmen Memorial in Chinatown is one of the most prominent memorials for the Chinese here in Boston. It was named after the nearby Tiananmen, which means "Gate of Heavenly Peace"The United States and China have a long and vast history. China has practiced communism since the Chinese Revolution of 1949. After weeks of protesting in Beijing, Chinese students and workers pushed for Democracy. The protest and demonstrations occurred in Tiananmen Square in Beijing. By the month of May, 1989 there was over one million demonstrators pushing for democratic reform. The Chinese military was sent in to end the demonstrations, and the military ended up injuring and killing many people. The death toll is still unknown to this day.

One of the most famous people from the demonstrations in Tiananmen Square in Beijing is the Tank Man. During the time where the Chinese military was sent in, there were tanks from the military attempting to stop the protestors and demonstrations. While his identity has never been confirmed, he went down in history as a man who made a great sacrifice in the midst of a very trying time. He was attempting like everyone else to peacefully protest, and he put himself in grave danger to do so. In the name of social justice, he put his life at risk to make a point and make a change.

This protest was a pivotal moment in China's history. The people of China were waiting for so long for some sort of Democracy, and some sort of justice amongst the people of China.