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The Palmer House Hotel is located in Sauk Centre, Minnesota. This hotel was the first building in Sauk Centre to become a hotel and to have electric in the 1900s, first known as the Sauk Centre House. June 26th, 1900 the building burnt to the ground. In 1901, Ralph L. Palmer built what became the Palmer House Hotel back up from the ground. Ralph and his family were hoping for a first class hotel in the area. Their family lived and worked at the Palmer House Hotel.

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The Sauk Centre Hotel begins the story in 1863. A new destination since 1901, the Palmer House Hotel and Restaurant after the Centre hotel was burned to the ground from a fire unknown. The hotel being located right next to the railroads and being the only hotel of its time was booming for business especially of people who traveled by rail road often. They used this hotel for meetings and relaxing. At the time the hotel become the center of attention in Sauk Centre. Being the only building with electric of its time, it was not only the place to stay for travelers but also the place to be just for any citizen at the time. It quickly became a gathering place for Minnesota locals.

The hotel went under a huge makeover in 1993. Richard Palmer had an idea for this hotel and it was perfectly done over. Exposing its natural beauty, it was redone top to bottom. The hotel originally started with 38 small rooms that you shared with other guests. The hotel now contains 19 rooms, with bathrooms of your own and some with jacuzzi tubs to relax and pamper you a bit more than the others.

The hotel holds special events touring the building. It is said that people keep coming back to visit the Nobel Prize winning destination and some to visit the haunted stories told upon the grounds of the Palmer House Hotel. It is in the top 8 of haunted hotels located in Minnesota. The hotel has activity dating back to the 50's after it had burnt down and the Palmers had passed. Several testimonies can be found on this hotel. With it being such an old building, it can be rather fascinating for someone who loves history. The pub that remains open gives you a feeling of why people came here in the early 1860's, with a touch of todays generation. The pub is full of cocktails and food of just about any genre. When you come to visit the Palmer House Hotel you get a bit of all luxuries with an old-time feel for Sauk Centre.

Although there are many chain hotels in today's day and age, the Palmer House Hotel is one loved by many in Minnesota. It holds so much background. The pub overlooks the Sinclair Lewis Avenue. The pub is open 3p.m-6p.m and holds various amounts of events daily.

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