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The PAL, which stand for Pershing Academy of Learning, used to stand as the old city's fire department.

  • Station One Fire House

The city's fire department was organized separately from the company in 1942 and moved into this Springbrook Road station in 1943. F. Loyd Baker served as chief from 1942 until 1958 and also headed the street department for the city. Fred Griffith, one of the first drivers, was chief from 1958 until 1966 and the department continued to operate as a volunteer department after moving into the new station. Elmer Trentham was the department’s first paid fireman and it was Elmer who trained the next city employee, Epheriam Deathrow Chambers to become a firefighter. After being hired only six months beforehand and earning $32.00 per pay day he was now the new firefighter after three days of training. In 1972 a new fire station was built at 271 Joule Street. More personnel were hired at this time and Station 2 was manned by two men and Station 1 by five men.Station 1 was built in 1942 and Station 2 was built in 1972. It was evident that a more newer and modern facility was needed to accommodate the citizens of Alcoa and the growing population. On October 13, 1996 a dedication and open house was held at 2010 N. Wright Road for a newly constructed fire station.

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