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This house is all that remains of the old Gallia Iron Furnace. Located at bend in the road where OH 233 joins the CH & D Railroad bed, the old house is still occupied. An old photo from the Jackson Telegraph News tells us, the house originally was built in Wellston, OH.

Gallia Iron Furnace was one of the furnaces operated by John Campbell and company. Campbell was noted for his support fo the Underground Railroad and Gallia Furnace was one of the stations. This "mangers house" is unique because Gallia was the only iron furnace that had a "black" superintendent. James Stewart and his family have been identified as "conductors" for the Underground Railroad This house was originally built in Wellston, OH, dismantled, moved on the CH & D Railroad to Gallia and reassembled. Gallia was one several furnaces near the site called Poke Patch, a free Black community located near the junction of Lawrence, Gallia and Jackson counties that provided many workers.

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