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Several frame structures existed on this site prior to 1890. It appears that one or more of these were veneered c1890 with brick and a similarly veneered minor addition was built thus forming the mass of the building seen today. Mitchell F. Laplante came to Sturgeon Bay in 1878. He was a barber and, apparently occupied the larger north half of the building, sharing it with a news stand. A millinery shop was in the other storefront. Similar uses are found in the building today. This building is a six bay, double commercial block two stories in height and built of now painted brick. The ornate entablature is of corbelled brick. This accents the otherwise unadorned facade. The storefronts are of wood with iron columns and extend, curiously, about two feet out from the line of the primary facade. This building is of architectural significance as having one of the few unaltered storefronts within the District and because of the craftsmanship shown in its brickwork.1