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The Wyoming County Historical Museum has all the important artifacts and historical events that have taken place in Wyoming County. The friendly staff of the museum voluntarily give their time every Saturday from noon until 4p.m. If you would like to visit the museum during any other time one of the members will gladly arrange a time to meet with you. Several schools and organizations arrange to bring their students to learn about all the fun, interesting, and historical events that have taken place in the county that they have lived in for most of their life, if not all.

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The Wyoming County Historical Museum is located in Oceana, WV. The museum is a compliation of facts and artifacts that were collected to help show the identity and formation of Wyoming County.

The museum is home to all the information you could ever want or need to know about Wyoming County. The people who run the museum have been around and lived in Wyoming County for a long time and some even all of their lives. If you have any questions or need to know something about Wyoming County be sure to check them out!              

Many people do not know that of all 55 counties in West Virgina, Wyoming County is one of three that does not have a stoplight located anywhere in the entire county. There is also not a Wal-Mart or other major shopping center of any kind. All this information can be found in the museum or online at their website.