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Chiu Quon Bakery & Dim Sum is a traditional Chinese bakery since 1986. Chiu Quon Bakery has served customers from all over the world for nearly 30 years. Chiu Quon Bakery insists on handmaking bread and high quality of traditional Chinese dim sum to every customer every day. Chiu Quon Bakery & Dim Sum specializes in a variety of freshly baked Chinese, it including egg tarts, walnut cookies, coconut bread, lotus seed cake, mango mousse cake, brioche and so on. Fresh tastes! A wide variety! More than 100 kinds of goods to choose from! Chiu Quon Bakery & Dim Sum had recognized by food tours as an official tasting location and with 30 years in Chinatown, no one does this better.

Zhao Peiye, the owner of the Chiu Quon Bakery & Dim Sum. He founded Chiu Quon Bakery & Dim Sum in 1986 and has been operating sincerely for 30 years. Mr. Zhao Peiye is also enthusiastic about community public welfare while he is successful in business. He is a well-known overseas Chinese leader in the Chicago area.
After Mr. Zhao Peiye built up the Chiu Quon Bakery & Dim Sum, he told everyone who works at the bakery should treat all the customer as a god, giving them a good service, no matter what gender, race, and age they are. Also, Chiu Quon Bakery insists on hand making bread and making sure all the bread and dim sum are fresh every day. Sincerity, quality, and reputation are their service aim.   
Chiu Quon provides more than one hundred different types of bread and dim sum for customers. Such as BBQ pork bun, bean paste bun, egg custard bun, peanut rice cake, butterfly cookie, steamed egg yolk bun, mixed fruit cake, mango mousse cake, pork dumplings, taro cake and so on. 

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