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Now called the Canaan Institutional Baptist Church, this historic, former Jewish temple was built in 1906. It was home to an Orthodox congregation that is now known as Beth Israel of Norwalk/Westport Chabad. The building is the only known Jewish temple in the state featuring Moorish onion domes; it is also likely the only one in the state built out of wood. For these reasons, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1991.

  • The former Beth Israel Synagogue is now the Canaan Institutional Baptist Church. The building is unique in that it is the only known Jewish temple in the state featuring onion domes.
Congregation Beth Israel was established around 1865 by Jewish immigrants from Germany. In the coming decades, Jews from Russia arrived in greater numbers. By 1906, they comprised the largest ethnic group in the congregation. Before the synagogue was built, congregants met in rented buildings. The congregation moved to a new synagogue in 1972, after which point the Canaan Institutional Baptist Church purchased the building.
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons,_Connecticut)#/media/File:Canaan_Institutional_Baptist_Church_002.JPG