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Opened in 1925, this historic entertainment venue became an instant attraction to tourists visiting Asbury Park. Paramount theater, inside Convention Hall, has hosted artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd, The Who, The Rolling Stones, and the original members of Lynyrd Skynyrd. The site also has a little known military history.

  • Present day image of the south side face of Convention Hall.
  • North side of Convention Hall. Date of image unknown.
  • 1934 image of the famed Morro Castle wreck east of Convention Hall. 251 passengers of the liner were either dead, or missing.
  • Paramount Theatre, which is inside of Convention Hall. Today, there are concerts regularly held there. Previously, the theatre was owned by Paramount Pictures, Inc.
Convention Hall is one of many historic buildings in Asbury Park, NJ. Built along the Asbury Park Boardwalk, it is featured on many postcards and brochures. It is home to the Paramount Theatre, which has hosted a variety of artists and performances for nearly 100 years. Both the Theatre and broader Convention Hall were designed by New York City firm of Warren and Wetmore. These architects were also the designers of Grand Central Terminal in New York City.

In addition to serving as a beachside entertainment venue and tourist destination, Convention Hall also has a little known military history. A nearby military base, Fort Monmouth used it for training during WWII. 

Convention Hall has hosted world-famous musical acts; the lineup is notable for its diversity over the years. For example, during the 1960s as the Civil Rights movement and the Vietnam War went on, Clarence Clemons, famed saxophone player with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, had his start in Convention Hall. During concerts at Convention Hall, crowds were always integrated and diverse, which was revolutionary after coming out of an era of Jim Crow, where segregation reigned even in NJ.

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