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Now operating as Harmony Forge Inn, Harmony Forge Mansion was constructed in 1820 or possibly earlier by Joseph Miles. The historic home is located on the site of the Harmony Forge Iron Works which was founded in 1795 and grew to become both a successful business and key element within Central Pennsylvania's coal industry. The forge operated until the early 20th century. Also on the grounds of the former forge are the remains of a segment of a canal system that was built by the Bald Eagle and Spring Creek Navigation Company and connected this part of Pennsylvania to cities and markets by building a link with navigable rivers. Earthworks are still visible as are Locks #4 and #5. The house was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1979 for its architecture, age, and association with the coal industry.

  • Harmony Forge Mansion was built in 1820 by Joseph Miles. The owners of the Inn bought the old building in 2012.
In addition to operating as a forge, the property also had an iron furnace, a grist mill, nail factory, chain mill, sawmill, and a grist mill. The canal was built because, at that time, the central part of the state was isolated and hard to get to from eastern cities where coal was in high demand (this was long before railroads made transportation much easier). The canal earthworks and locks are all that remain visible of the canal in the immediate area; the rest is mostly underwater in the Foster Joseph Sayers Reservoir. The current owners bought the house in 2012 and proceeded to renovate it as well as the barn and grounds. 
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Photo: Harmony Forge Inn