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The Toledo Farmers’ Market, now a local landmark, dates back to 1913. The market moved from Monroe, Superior, and Washington Streets to its present location in the 1920s. The building underwent major renovations in the 1990s that have preserved a piece of Toledo history and increased its popularity.

The Toledo Farmers' Market downtown location

The Toledo Farmers' Market downtown location

Toledo farmers set up this market in 1832 on Monroe, Superior, and Washington Streets. In 1913, the market closed and moved indoors temporarily. It reopened outside on Speilbusch Avenue four years later. New stalls and a roof were assembled. These stalls were moved, along with the market itself, to a building on Erie Street in 1928. Other wholesale businesses popped up around the Farmers’ Market, which had been deeded to the City of Toledo.

As the Erie building aged, updates were needed. Two projects, the construction of a bridge to connect Superior and St. Clair Streets and a remodel, helped modernize the market. Work was completed in the spring of 1996. Better lighting and improved accessibility made the Farmers’ Market easier to navigate. New stalls, offices, and restrooms were also added.

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