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In the early 1960s a giant 20 ft statue of a cow erected over Manchester Expressway in front of the famous Kinnett Dairies. Some 50 odd years later that cow still stands, on that same hill, just in front of a Best Buy. Kadie the Cow is a staple to the city of Columbus and stands in memory of the famous Kinnett Dairies. Throughout the years Kadie has seen rain, snow, sleet, and hail. She has seen plenty of sunshine and has sometimes even been concealed by the intense early morning fog. This beautiful statue serves a greater purpose to the citizens and visitors of Columbus, Georgia. Need to know how to get to the Peachtree mall, just ask a local and Kadie will be in your directions. It's truly amazing that this statue still stands today, go check it out!

  • In this photo, you will see Kadie in her original spot. She sat on top of the hill overlooking a shopping mall until the dairies were torn down in the early 2000s.
  • Here Kadie can be found in her very same place on top of her hill just in front of a Best Buy instead of Kinnett Dairies.

In the 1920s Kinnett Dairies was established when the father of John Kinnett bought an ice cream business from his Uncle and moved it from Macon to Columbus. In the 1960s, a giant 20 ft tall fiberglass cow, called Kadie came to fruition. Kinnett got the idea for Kadie when he was driving down Victory Dr. He saw a passing truck that was carrying a large cow down to Florida and later Kinnett tracked down the manufacturer. That hill off of Manchester Expressway is her home and the new owners of the land respected that.

In the early 2000”s the dairies were torn down and Best Buy was built but Kadie remained. In 2003 a random calf popped up by Kadie; Best Buy held a naming competition and the calf was to be called Bebe. After the calf was placed vandals of the city took things into their own hands. Bebe was taken away from Kadie and later found in a dumpster completely trashed. When the vandalism continued to occur Best Buy decided to take away Bebe and put it in storage.

Today she is located outside of Best Buy on Manchester Expressway. Kadie is used today when providing people with directions, as a fun stop on long road trips, and to pose as a monument to the once well loved Kinnett Dairies.  Even though Kadie sits in front of a Best Buy instead of her beloved Kinnett Dairies, she still happily stands on that same hill looking over the wonderful city of Columbus.

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