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Martin State Forrest offers a variety of educational opportunities through trails and activities. The arboretum is open year around without charge and contains about three acres with a ¼ mile winding trail. This informal arboretum was established in an existing wooded area. Additional species have been added to those already present, and the collection currently contains about 60 different species identified by signs along the trail. The hiking trails have informational signs to inform you of the Forrest and its inhabitants. The Woodland trail is about 1 mile long and takes about one hour of casual walking. The Forrest has other trails including the Tank Spring Trail, and bike trails. Some other activities offered include fishing in one of three lakes that include Martin Lake that is 3 acres, Hardwood Lake that is 4 acres, and Pine Lake that is 3 acres. Hunting is allowed with a valid Hunting License as well as picnicking with four different picnic shelters. Guests can also stay at the Forrest campground for a fee with 26 designated campsites within the Forrest.