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Chicago Lithuanian Archives Project (LAP) LithuanianArchivesProjectBanner The Lithuanian Archives Project (LAP), located in Chicago, Illinois, collects and makes available permanently valuable records of Chicago’s Lithuanian immigrants, exiles, and Lithuanian-American organizations, which document people’s lives, roles, and contributions. Associated with the Chicago Area Archivists (CAA), the Midwest Archives Conference (MAC) and Dominican University in River Forest, IL, the LAP serves a wide variety of users ranging from students and scholars to the general public. The LAP makes records available at the Archives as well as provides programs and online resources. LAP is the only not-for-profit in the Chicago area actively engaged in digitization efforts of Lithuanian audio and video materials of historical significance. About (LT) (LAP), nauja nepelno organizacija, kuriuos tikslas išsaugoti archyvinę medžiagą, susieta su lietuvių diasporos patirtimi ne tik Čikagoje, bet ir visoje Amerikoje. LAP savanorišką organizaciją sudaro profesionalai bibliotekininkai ir archyvistai, kaip filialas jungiami su Čikagos Bibliotekininkų Magistro programą (DOMINICAN UNIVERSITY) taip pat LAP yra Čikagos Archyvistų (CHICAGO AREA ARCHIVISTS) ir MIDWEST ARCHIVES CONFERENCE narys. LAP yra vienintele organizacija Čikagos apylinkėse kuri išsaugoja archyvinę audio medžiaga skaitmeninėje formoje.