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The Freedom Hills Wildlife Management Area, in Colbert County near Cherokee, is near the Natchez Trace and is host to many kinds of wildlife from old fields to mature hardwood forests. Birds, deer, turkey and other game species populate the area and you may see (and hear beforehand) Yellow-breasted Chats and Indigo Buntings in the fields and Northern Parulas and Yellow-billed Cuckoos in the forests. You may find Chuck-will’s-widows as well as Barred Owls and Eastern Screech-Owls at night. Near the area is the Key Underwood Memorial Coon Dog Cemetery, a hallowed resting place for raccoon hunting dogs from all over the South. In the cemetery, you may find Summer Tanagers and Yellow-billed Cuckoos. Different kinds of vireos and warblers may also be found here. There is parking and one can go hiking throughout the area.1 The Freedom Hills Wildlife Management Area is open for small and big game hunting, within the area and at an outdoor shooting range. The range is wheelchair accessible and the range is also available for archery. It is open to the public and has a distance of 100 yards. A valid hunting or fishing license is required to use the shooting range and the range is open only during daylight. The area itself is 34,500 acres.2

  • Northern Parula. Photo courtesy Paul Franklin
  • Deer Hunting. Photo courtesy Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area.
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