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Situated prominently on a triangle-shaped intersection, Temple of Restoration Pentecostal Church, formerly Pawtucket Congregational Church, was built in 1868. It was designed by architect John Stevens and is the finest example of a church designed in the combined Romanesque and Italianate styles still standing in Rhode Island. The church was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978 and is a contributing property to the Quality Hill Historic District, which is also listed on the register.

  • The former Pawtucket Congregational Church was built in 1868 and is now Temple of Restoration Pentecostal Church, which was founded in 2012.
Pawtucket did not have its first church building until 1792, one-hundred years after its founding. The previous church at this location was built in 1828 but burned down in 1864. Temple of Restoration Pentecostal Church was established in 2012.

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons