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Constructed in 1881, this downtown Wooster building was designed using the Italianate style architecture which was common for commercial buildings at the time. Among the early tenants of the building was the Wooster Brush Company until 1909. Later in the century, the building was home to the Gold Star Store which offered seed, feed, and farm supplies to local residents until 1989. The building is now home to Meatheads Union of Ohio, a classic butcher shop established by Adam Nussbaum in 2011.

  • The front door of Meatheads. Photo by Spencer O'Keefe
  • A sign from one of the previous occupants of the space, the Gold Star Store, which sold feed and farming supplies to local residents. Today it is displayed on the wall of Meatheads. Photo by Sofia Biegeleisen
  • Adam Nussbaum: Owner of Meatheads. Photo by Abby Blinka

Today, local butcher shops are making a comeback. In the early 1900s, butcher shops were common in the U.S. because such establishments were the only place consumers could get their meat. Throughout the 20th century, however, pre-packaged meat became more readily available and inexpensive to purchase at supermarkets and, in response, butcher shops steadily declined. Currently, over ninety percent of consumers buy their meat from a supermarket or large retailer, but this trend has seen a bit of pushback in recent years. With the rise of the local food movement, consumers now desire to know where their meat comes from and demand healthier and higher quality products. Some even go as far as wanting to know who the farmer is and how the animal was raised. The pre-packaged meat found in supermarket refrigerators is rarely, if ever, grass-fed and locally-raised, which is to say it does not often meet the high standards of the local food consumer. Filling these gaps, butcher shops are an integral part of the local food movement. Even so, most butcher shops are run by people at or near retirement age and young new additions to the industry are rare. All of this makes Adam, a man who got into meat butchery as a teenager, his brand new business, and his dedication to local sourcing, all the more unique.

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