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The Millyard Museum was opened in 2001 by the Manchester Historic Association. It is housed in one of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company’s mill buildings (Mill Building No. 3) on Commercial and Pleasant Streets. Operating Tuesday through Saturday, the primary attraction of the Millyard Museum is the exhibit Woven in Time, 11,000 Years at Amoskeag Falls, which explores the history of civilization in Manchester.

  • Woven in Time Gallery

The Millyard Museum examines a variety of other historical topics. The Millyard Museum also houses an archive of documents from the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company as well as those of New Hampshire families and businesses throughout the years. The archive holds a variety of documents such as photographs, letters, oral histories, books, and manuscripts. The museum shares the building with a science center known as SEE which,like the history of the Amoskeag Manufacturing Company, focuses in on technological advancement.

On top of these exhibits, the Millyard Museum also hosts events such as theater galleries showcasing Manchester, NH’s rich artistic history.