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Known to locals and students simply as "The Nott," the Nott Memorial is a 16-sided stone-and-masonry structure and the centerpiece of Union College. Union's campus was centrally planned and the memorial honors Eliphalet Nott who served as president of the college between 1804 and 1866. The historic structure fell into disrepair and was scheduled to be demolished, but the students, faculty, alumni, and community supported a drive to restore the building in 1993. The

  • The Nott Memorial is 89 feet in diameter and capped with a ribbed dome.
According to the Union College website, French architect Joseph Ramée developed a comprehensive plan for the construction of Union College in 1813. This makes Union College the first in the United States to be built according to a plan (instead of the usual practice of adding new buildings over time). The central plan allows for a beautiful campus with a central plaza surrounded by perfectly symmetrical buildings that are all the same distance from one another and the plaza.