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One of President Franklin Roosevelt's favorite stops in Warm Springs was the Tuscawilla Soda Shop located at the Hotel Warm Springs, here he could pop-in just like any regular citizen and enjoy ice cream and a soda. Built in 1907, the Hotel Warm Springs retains the same charm it did when FDR was president. During his presidency, the Hotel hosted such luminous celebrities such as Bette Davis and heads-of-state from Spain, Mexico, the Philippines. Throughout the Hotel Warm Springs visitors can find furniture from Val-Kill Industries, the furniture factory Eleanor Roosevelt operated for 10 years in Hyde Park, New York. The Hotel is also located next to the historic Warm Springs Train Station, now serving as the Visitors' Center, where the Roosevelts and their guests would arrive from Washington or New York.

  • The Hotel Warm Springs (est. 1907) seen from Broad St. To the left is the ice cream and soda shop President Franklin Roosevelt would often visit.
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