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Faith Lutheran Church is one of the newest churches in Jackson, Ohio. It was organized in 1965 and established at its present location in 1970. Before that time, the few Lutherans in the area were part of the First Presbyterian Church. But, the employment opportunities brought by the Chun-King frozen foods plan brought many new people, including more Lutherans, to the area. In 2007, the church was expanded to include a new sanctuary, a new foyer, and new offices. The church is an active participant in local outreach programs and Lutheran World Relief.

The Lutheran church is a relative newcomer in the city of Jackson. Other denominations such as the Methodists and the Presbyterians have a long-standing history in the city. Unlike the Methodists and the Presbyterians that originated in Great Britain and came with the Welsh settlers, the Lutheran church originated in Germany with the Reformation began by Martin Luther. Although other parts of Ohio had large German settlements, Jackson did not have a large German population. The counties of Jackson and Gallia were more heavily populated by Welsh immigrants in the early 1800s. It was not until the 1960s when a large number of Lutherans moved to Jackson from elsewhere to work at the Chun-King frozen food plant that Jackson saw a significant increase in its Luther population. 

The Lutheran church began in Germany when Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church. On October 31, 1517, Martin Luther presented his 95 Theses, which was a list of grievances against the Catholic church. Luther believed that the church had become corrupt, his principal concern being the selling of indulgences (an indulgence was a donation to the church for the forgiveness of sins). Luther believed that the practice corrupted and perverted the church. His theses listed his grievances and suggestions for reformations to correct the problems within the church. Luther's split from the Catholic church marked the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. 

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