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The Urban Reservation is a building located in the South Bronx that has defied the odds. This the area has been subjugated by displacement for decades, yet this commercial/ residential property remains. Eleven tenants, through the Tenant Interim Leasing program (TIL) offered by the city, bought and have continued to manage this building since 2007. Learning through trial and error, they currently provide low-income housing for eight residents, as well as manage three commercial spaces occupied by local businesses. The Urban Reservation serves as a testament to what ingenuity and determination can achieve in a community.

  • Images of Greywolf's time spent in Japan
  • Private photo from inside the Attorney's office
  • Private photo from inside the Attorney's office
  • Greywolf and I, the interviewer, outside of The Urban Reservation
In 2001 Greywolf and other tenants housed at 400 East 161st street were approached by a representative from the city, which owned the building at the time. The tenants were given the opportunity to manage the property through the Tenant Interim Leasing (TIL) program for a probationary period. This agreement came with the condition that if the site were managed properly, the tenants could purchase the building. Renamed The Urban Reservation in 2007, the building ultimately was purchased, thus ending the cyclical condition of displacement that the tenants experienced for years.

Having no previous managerial experience the tenants went about the task of learning the trade. Making minor repairs, and properly maintaining the premises and account books were newly acquired duties that they embraced with zest. The tenants, now shareholders in the property, were provided assistance from city officials and have successfully maintained the site to this day, illustrating the resilience of residents of the South Bronx.   

Eleven shareholders currently reside on the premises and manage eight, low-income apartments and three commercial spaces, including a deli, a beauty salon, and a law office. There have been no serious incidents of crime, nor property damage, under their administration. The shareholders were given a thirty-year lease to the property and are in good standing with city officials, proving that, if given the chance, residents of the South Bronx can exercise autonomy and govern their own communities with dignity and pride.