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The Negro National League was created by Rube Foster in 1920. He decided that with this new league he would attempt to make a team his own and be the coach. The third South Side Park in Chicago, Illinois would become the home of the Chicago American Giants. Their team would find success with Foster and be remembered in history.

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The third South Side Park in Chicago, Illinois was the longest running venue of the South Side Park. A baseball field and home to many teams throughout its time but it was the first home of the Chicago American Giants. They were a team in the Negro National League and coached by the man who organized the league, Rube Foster.

Rube Foster played baseball before his decision to start the NNL. He was a star pitcher and paved the way for many African American players. He experienced racism and discrimination because of who he was. Foster was able to overcome these circumstances and became a very prominent and remembered man in baseball.

The Chicago American Giants won many league championships at the start of the NNL. Whether it was because Foster was their coach will be a mystery. They were a talented team, however, and the fact that Foster was their coach only made them better. In many ways, the Negro National League was a way for African American to play the game they loved. It was a stepping stone for many athletes and proved to be a huge part of baseball history.

South Side Park III along with many other ballparks is considered very historic for the fact that it was home to a team in the Negro Leagues. Without places like this these teams could have never become successful, and without Rube Foster the inclusion of African Americans in Major League Baseball could have had a different past than it does today.

The Chicago American Giants, South Side Park, and Rube Foster are all remembered together and celebrated in unison. Foster, the Father of the Negro Leagues, inspired many to break the barrier and do the unthinkable. In 1981 Foster was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. He will forever remain an important part of the Negro Leagues and baseball in general. South Side Park, though the stadiums have long been demolished, will always be the home of the Chicago American Giants.