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Within the heart of Minnesota is the community of Little Falls, home to just under 9,000 people and Camp Ripley, a National Guard training facility that serves as a training facility for all branches of the military. Visitors to Camp Ripley can tour the Minnesota Military Museum which offers artifacts and military vehicles that reflect the history of Camp Ripley and the state of Minnesota's relationship to the armed forces. The museum includes exhibits of local significance and interprets the experience of Minnesota residents within the nation's armed conflicts through artifacts and recorded histories of local veterans.

  • Section of the Vietnam War Display within the Minnesota Military museum
  • An Army Air Force plane outside of the Minnesota Military History Museum
In the mid 1970s, the Minnesota Military Museum opened its doors to preserve artifacts and information about the role of Minnesota within the United States armed forces. The museum relocated to  Camp Riley in 1987 and the collections have expanded since that time. The museum originally was contained in one building, but now occupies several different buildings and an arsenal of military vehicles and artillery pieces. 

The museum holds 30,000 items from weapons and uniforms to photographs and personal belongings of soldiers from the 19th and 20th centuries. The museum has a diverse range of exhibits on display year round including permanent exhibits such with titles such as "America at War", "Forts on the Frontier" and "Story of the Jeep." The museum also houses a library of over 9,000 books and military literature for visitors to view during their visit.

Outside the museum, one can find numerous amounts of military transportation in the form of airplanes, artillery vehicles, jeeps, and even rebuilt Sherman Tanks.  The museum also features a section known as the "education center".  The education center is home to three exhibits that all deal with different events in Minnesota Military history.  Through its extensive collection and timeless artifacts, the Minnesota Military Museum captures the rich history of the Minnesota natives that served within the United States military.  The museum also helps to educate and inform the public of the military history within the state of Minnesota.
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