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Loveless was the first African American junior and senior high in Montgomery, Alabama,.It was founded by Henry Loveless an African American that beat the odds and got an education and became a businessman during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Loveless had its first graduating class in 1940.

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                                                     Loveless School


Loveless School in Montgomery, Alabama is named after Henry Loveless. It was built in 1923, the first junior and senior high school in Montgomery for African Americans. In May 1940, it had its first graduating class. It has been an elementary school since 1998 and has relocated to a new site.


                                                Henry Allen Loveless

Henry Allen Loveless was a black businessman that had many businesses in Montgomery, Alabama. Loveless attended Selma University for a few semesters, but he struggled to get his education as he worked during the day and took his courses at night. The first business he started was an undertaker business. This was not the only business that he started he had many, such as a real estate agent. He founded a coal and a wood yard, and opened up a stable. He was successful building contractor.

Loveless was one of the founding members of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church where he served as treasurer and on the board of trustees and that of Swayne School. Loveless also was a member of the Negro’s Businessmen League. Henry Loveless passed away in 1921. (Mark Hilton, Hmdb)

George Washington Carver High took over this building in 1948 and it later moved to a new site and became Loveless again. The school still exists today but has changed locations and the name of it now is LAMP.