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Richmond Hall is currently a residence hall on Towson University's campus. Richmond Hall has been named after the Baltimore native, Sarah Elizabeth Richmond for her unconditional love for education. By the year 1868, Miss Sarah Richmond was a mathematics professor at the Maryland State Normal School. In the year 1915 Miss Richmond moved the school to the Towson area, and in 1916 resigned her duties as principal to become the Dean of the school. In addition to her commitments at the Normal School, Miss Richmond was also the first female president of the Maryland State Teachers Association. During the 1960’s and 1970’s on Towson State University campus, Richmond Hall held numerous events for the inclusion and advancement of women.

Current day Richmond Hall.

Current day Richmond Hall.

Richmond Hall was completed on October 20th 1974, and was open for use starting October 22nd.

The 1960’s and 1970’s were decades of awareness and advocating for women. During the latter half of 1975 on Towson State College campus, a group of students and staff started a series of programs titled, “Focus on Women”.

Focus on Women became a desirable program amongst student-residents and staff. Some topics that the lecture series has addressed are:  Rape, Male-female relationships, and Black Women Today. The topics of the first series in 1975 were: Female Sexual Response, Sexism in Education, and a Women’s Lifestylesl.

The “Sexism in Education” session consisted of special guests Jane Brown from the Baltimore County Board of Education and Pete Tribley from Montgomery County Department of Human Relations. Brown and Tribley engaged the students in a discussion about education and cultivated sexism. The members of this program hoped that education majors would attend this meeting in particular to aid in eliminating sexism.

The “Women’s Lifestyle” panel consisted of a number of career women who could speak to the challenges and opportunities of a professional career. This panel was created in hopes to increase awareness of career paths for students.

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