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The Northern California Veterans Museum and Heritage Center is a museum that is dedicated to honoring the Veterans that bravely fought in our wars and served in our military as well as educating the youth about these brave men and women. Stretching clear back to the Revolutionary War, the museum has ongoing displays, exhibits and other presenatations that tell the brave story of our forefather veterans.

     The Northern California Veterans Museum and Heritage Center does a terrific job at honoring are veterans and fallen heros that fought so bravely in our military wars to preserve our democracy in our great country. 
     The museum honors through their galleries and artifacts the great sacrifices our military members made in the Revolutionary War, The War of 1812, The Civil War, The Indian Wars, The Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, The Korean War, The COld War, The Vietnam War, Grenada, Panama, Beruit, The Gulf War, Somalia, Kosovo, Desert Storm, The Global War against terrosism, the Purple Heart and the Congressional Medeal of Honor.  
     The Museum obvioiusly has wide range of valuable and educational information regarding pretty much every war the United States has ever been involved in.  The displays and presentations go into great detail to illustrate the sacrifice our veterans made so we could live in a free and democratic country.   
     The Museum is wonderful for aspring war or history buffs or students of all ages and is a must stop in Northern California for all military and history buffs.