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The West Virginia Farm Museum offers a complex consisting of thirty-two historic structures that were restored and moved to this location along with replicas of historic buildings. Each building offers a collection of artifacts. The museum also sponsors activities throughout the year including a popular light show at Christmas and an antique tractor parade. The museum also offers events during the Mason County Fair each August. Other highlights of the museum include the nature trail and a historic church that offers weekly services.

  • This barn holds General, the third largest horse who has been preserved thanks to taxidermy.
  • The one room school was moved two miles to the museum complex

Historic buildings within the museum complex include the Mission Ridge One Room School House which was constructed in the 1870s and operated just two miles from the museum for many years. The school is furnished with student desks from the time period, along with other items that provide an authentic view into life within a rural school at the turn of the century.

Visitors can also tour a barn thanks to support from the state of West Virginia that built to house exhibits related to agriculture. The highlight of the barn is General, the 3rd largest horse ever recorded weighing at 2850 lbs while it was alive along with carriages and other items from the time period. Other buildings include a blacksmith shop, sawmill, a doctor's office, log church, newspaper office, and several log homes.


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