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Being one of the most historical and famous buildings in Lorain, this Renaissance Revival and Beaux Arts building was opened to the public in 1923. Not long after the hotel opening, half of the roof was torn away by the 1924 tornado. After the tornado, the Red Cross had its headquarters at the hotel. The building boasts 87 guest rooms, as well as a ballroom which could accommodate 1,200 people. Throughout its history, there have been questionable illegal operations that occurred within the building such as liquor being made by lodge members during the prohibition, ultimately ending in their arrest, and the owner of the building being arrested in the 1960s. Illegal activities aside, the building was a source of pride. During the Depression, the ballroom was closed and workers only worked part time. However, after WW2 ended, dances were constant, the WEOL radio station went on air in the building, wrestling and boxing matches took place, and basketball games took place, the most notable team playing here being the Boston Celtics. The Romanesque architecture building, with paneled beams and marble floors, once housed to many restaurants, beauty salons, fitness and dance studios, and flower shops, survived calls for demolition and now serves as an apartment complex.