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For over 150 years, this property belonged to the same family. The complex includes the original 1768 house, connected to a Federal house added in 1808 for the Holley and Williams families, along with outbuildings: a barn and carriage house, ice house, and outhouse. The Holleys were a notable Connecticut family, active in the iron industry, engineering, and politics. Between 1844 and 1946, the Holley Manufacturing Company made pocket knives and other similar items. Until around 2009, the property was a house museum whose holdings included silver, glass, china, toys, period clothing, family portraits, musical instruments, and furniture. Its impressive library housed 400 volumes, over 6000 letters, diaries written by the family, and sheet music--an extensive collection illuminating life in Connecticut from the 18th to the 20th century. The house has since been sold into private ownership, subject to preservation restrictions.

  • The Holley-Williams House is an excellent example of Federal architecture (Kathryn Boughton)
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