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The Park University Park Alumni House, originally built in 1845 and later bought by George Park in 1848, but was later renovated by Pauline Hawley. After renovations the building was also picked up and moved, in 1967, to where it is now. The Park House that was once used for living, is now used as office space for the Park University Alumni Association.

  • Park House 6th March, 2017.
  • Park House being Moved, 1967.
  • Park House side view
  • Former Park President George S. Park.
  • Park House from front entrance.
  • The Park House of the past, before renovations.
the Park University Park Alumni House was originally built in 1845, and later bought by George S. Park. Although on the Park University campus, the building did not become school property until 1924. The former building had been worn down and had problems that needed fixing. Renovations for this building were spearheaded by Pauline Hawley. Adding her colonial style touch to the building, the Park House had more space and improved exterior, and interior. With the widening of the 9 Hwy in 1967, the building was later moved to where it is now. The house was used as a family home until converted into offices. It is presently used as a base office for the Park University Alumni Association. 
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