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The Park University Park House was built in 1917, by the architect Carl A. Listrom, and Mrs. Pauline Hawley. The building was built to bring the Park University president closer to the Park campus, and replace the former president's residence also known as "Sunset".This building is the home of the past Park presidents, from president Frederick Hawley, down to the present Park President. It currently houses the Park University president.

  • March/6/2017 Park University White House Front Entrance.
  • Park University White House Southwest side
  • Park University White House, Black and White
  • White House Interior
  • "Sunset" - Former president's residence
  • President Frederick Hawley and his wife Pauline Hawley in front of the Park University White House
The Park University Park House is one of the oldest buildings on the Park University campus. Originally built in 1917 with a donation from Ella Park Lawrence (the only child of Park University founder George Park) the White House was built to have the Park University presidents closer to the students. This building was also the only building that was moved  This colonial style building consists of three floors, with one being a basement floor. The building was also one of the first buildings that Mrs. Hawley had designed herself. The Hawley's were also the first to live in this building. The building was built to replace the former president's residence, also known as "Sunset". The Sunset building located at 900 Main Street in Parkville, MO. This building currently houses the current Park University President. 

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