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The Gluek Building was built in 1902. The architects were Christopher Boehme and Victor Cordella, who chose a Renaissance Revival style. Gluek Brewing Company was founded in 1857 by Gottlieb Gluek, before Minneapolis was a city. It grew quickly and the bar and restaurant was built in 1902 primarily to serve customers Gluek beer.

  • Gluek's is the oldest restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.

It is a narrow, three-story brick building. It remains home to Gluek’s Restaurant & Bar, which officially began in its present form in 1934 after the repeal of Prohibition. The building caught on fire in 1989 but has been restored to its original condition. It is the oldest restaurant in downtown Minneapolis.

Visitors, who will need a reservation to eat, should note the elaborate woodwork, brick walls, high arched ceilings and stained glass windows. The restaurant frequently hosts private parties and live music. The Minneapolis Heritage Preservation Commission designated the building as a local historic site in 1984.

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