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This small station dates to 1891, making it the country's second oldest still-active train station. Its designer E. Francis Baldwin was the B&O's top architect at the time, creating hundreds of buildings over his long career (though many no longer survive). The station's "Stick Style" design is highly practical, featuring large overhanging eaves that shelter waiting passengers from sun, rain, and snow. Kensington is around 11 miles from Washington D.C.; back in the late 19th century, city residents could travel from Washington's Union Station to Kensington for around 35 cents. Trains still connect the two places, though commuters more commonly use the metro. The station parking lot now hosts the Kensington Farmers' Market on Saturdays and continues to serve as a community symbol and gathering place.

  • Kensington's train station, constructed in 1891
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