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Located in the Henry Stifel Schrader Environmental Education Center, a building constructed of recycled materials, this educational center is dedicated to the study of environmental issues. The center is a part of the Oglebay Institute and located within Oglebay Resort. One of the main goals of the SEEC is to help foster healthy and sustainable relationships with nature. Indoor and outdoor programs are offered for learners of all ages, though the primary focus of the center is school-age children.

A historic nature lecture at Oglebay Park.

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Walter Rybeck leading a nature day camp in 1940.

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Henry Stifel Schrader, for whom the SEEC is named.

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Schrader Environmental Education Center.

Schrader Environmental Education Center.

The Henry Stifel Schrader Environmental Education Center (SEEC) is a part of the Oglebay Institute, which was founded in 1930. The institute funds and advocates for projects surrounding the arts and nature. The center is named after Henry Stifel Schrader, a prominent Wheeling lawyer who provided funds for the SEEC. In many ways, the SEEC carries on a tradition of environmental stewardship and education in Oglebay Park. Earl W. Oglebay himself ardently employed the scientific method in his pursuit of more efficient farming practices. Farmers and agricultural workers of all types travelled from states away to learn at Oglebay’s estate, then called Waddington Farm.

The Schrader Environmental Education Center’s building was constructed from 97% recycled materials. Some of these materials include newspapers from Wheeling, plastic bottles, large tires, and aluminum cans. The Schrader Center’s design showcases “Green Architecture” and is an example of sustainable living. The SEEC is open year-round and offers a wide variety of seasonal programming. The center is a popular destination for Oglebay guests as well as local students through field trips and offers classes, camping, and other events to both students and adults. The SEEC features the Corson Wildflower and Butterfly Garden, the Earth Trek Exhibit Hall, and several other popular exhibits throughout the year. They also run temporary exhibits that feature a variety of nature-related topics.

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