This remnant coal mining town features two opera houses, one under restoration, and a concentration of second story overhanging porches. The Knights of Labor Opera House (circa 1881) stands as a symbol of the Hocking Valley Coal Region's nationally significant role in the nation's labor union movement. Nearby Tecumseh Theater Building has series of outdoor panels telling of the town's rich coal, brick, ethnic, and environmental history, and a striking bronze miner statue. Shawnee is home to the Little Cities of Black Diamonds local history group (127 West Main), Ohio's Hill Country Heritage Area (117 West Main) and the Buckeye Trail Association (129 West Main).

  • Tecumseh Theater
    Tecumseh Theater

The Shawnee Historic Walking Tour is designed to provide historical information of Shawnee's downtown district. Visitors will be able to gain background knowledge on a variety of buildings located around the village that help tell the historical importance of the village. Moreover, the visitor will have more insight into the influential role the Knights of Labor played throughout the Hocking Valley. As the Knights of Labor were instrumental in the formation of the United Mine Workers of America. Visitors will come away from this tour with an enhanced understanding of the history that draws people from all over to the streets of Shawnee.