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The Donald Davis Herr Memorial Hall, also known as Herr house, was built in 1927 in memory of Donald Davis Herr, brother of Arthur, Mabel, Jesse, and Jane Herr, who donated $100,000 in memory of him. Donald had died three years before the donation in an earthquake in Japan. The building was initially used as a dorm for women, and housed many Park university clubs and organizations as well, until it was turned into office spaces, in 2008.

  • Donald Davis Herr Memorial Hall
  • Donald Davis Herr Memorial Hall
  • Donald Davis Herr Memorial Hall
  • Donald Davis Herr Memorial Hall 9/March/2017
     In 1927 the Herr family of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania. made up of Arthur, Mabel, Jesse, and Jane Herr, donated for a total of $100,000 to Park College to build a new dorm in memory of their brother who had passed September 9th, 1923, from an earthquake in Japan. The donation was set in bonds and a majority of them being listed upon the New York Stock Exchange, were selected carefully by Donald D. Herr personally. The architect Arthur G. McKee worked closely with the Park President, Dr. Frederick Hawley, to create a suitable building for the students. In 1927, building of Donald Davis Herr Memorial Hall was completed and along with another one of Park's historic buildings, the Thomson Commons building. The Herr memorial hall is a colonial styled building includes four floors as well as a basement floor, which is used as a storm shelter. The building once housed 103 women, and was also used as many of the colleges clubs and organizations meeting area. With the dormitory being an all women's dorm, it was later nicknamed "Herr House". In 2008, a new dormitory, Copley Quad, was built and the transition of turning Herr House into office space began. Now, Herr House offices Park University's Admissions, Global Education and Study Abroad, Office of International Students (OIS), and the Language Consultants International (LCI) Program.
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