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Opened in 2006, the Greater Cincinnati Police Museum honors the legacy of law enforcement in the city and the surrounding region, which includes the adjoining counties in Kentucky and Indiana. As such, the museum is the only one the world dedicated to the regional history of law enforcement. In all, the region includes over 600 communities and 160 local, county, township, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. The museum houses 10,000 law enforcement-related artifacts and also features a library and archives. The museum is also unique in that has a memorial to fallen law enforcement officers for the entire region; it is the only such memorial in the world.

  • View inside the museum of law enforcement officers who served in the greater Cincinnati region.
The museum is operated by the The Greater Cincinnati Police Historical Society, which formed in 1999. The current building, which was a warehouse space, was acquired in 2001. After years of preparation and planning, the museum opened in 2006.
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