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With the idea for a new physical education building in 1947 and help from architect J. Alien Maxwell Williams Hall was born. Williams Hall was constructed to be a 2 story building with 4 wings added in 1951 a gymnasium for physical education and classrooms for fine arts services as well as a home economics area. Williams Hall has been renovated and refurbished plenty of times and was formally the source for the music department as well. Since 2003-2004 the building has undergone plenty of moderations and improvements and is now the new home of the school's Business and Economics.

WILLIAMS HALL, 2-story complex (1949) with added wings in 1951 for Physical Education and Fine Arts instruction, plus a Home Economics area. The Laboratory Nursery/Kindergarten was formerly housed here. Renovated several times, it formerly housed the Music Department. With 2003 - 2004 rehabilitation and modernization, the 36,000-square foot facility has become the new home of the School of Business and Economics and continues to house the operations of WRVS-FM radio. With all new finishes and furnishings, a new elevator, and facilities for the disabled, it also has some revisions of its exterior design, modernized electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems. It also houses the renovated intramural gymnasium along with offices and locker rooms for the Physical Education program. The fountain area in front of the building will become part of the revised campus ‘Greenspace.’ The building is named for Dr. Sidney David Williams (1892 - 1974), fourth President and second President Emeritus.