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The original Old Stone Church, known also as the Crossroads Presbyterian Church, was built in 1834 and fell into disrepair by the 1890s. Rather than renovate the church, the congregation decided to raze it and a construct a new one. The new, larger church was completed in 1897 and it is this church that still occupies this site. The church was awarded landmark status by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation in 1970.

  • The 1897 Old Stone Church.
  • Interior of the church.
  • Church with surrounding Crossroads Cemetery.

In 1796 the Johnston family began to use the land around the Old Stone Church as a graveyard that was originally known as Johnston's Graveyard.  It soon grew and eventually became known as the Crossroads Cemetery.  The cemetery still remains, and it was on this land that the first Crossroads Presbyterian Church was built in 1834. 

When it was replaced in the 1890s, much of the original stone was re-used along with additional stone from the nearby Snodgrass quarry.  The original congregation eventually moved on and the church was sold on several occasions.  In 1963 it was sold to a new Christian denomination.  However, it was sold again in 1969 and in 1970 it was acquired by the borough of Monroeville.

A bell tower was built next to the church in 1976 to celebrate the nation's bicentennial and it was dedicated to George Westinghouse and Nikola Tesla for their "electrical" contributions to the area.  The church is now cared for by the Monroeville Historical Society and it is still surrounded by the 7-acre Crossroads cemetery.  It is open on special occasions and for private tours and weddings.  Please call for details.  

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