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Located in Flagler County, Florida, Princess Place Preserve is a 1500-acre preserve, previously known as “Cherokee Grove.” The land was owned Henry Cutting, whose widow gained access to the land after his death. Henry Cutting and Angela Mills Cutting originally purchased the land in 1886, and a main feature is the wooden lodge Henry built. This structure still stands in Flagler County as its oldest intact structure. The land also features Florida's first in-ground pool. Following Mr. Cutting's death, Angela remarried an exiled Russian prince named Boris Scherbatoff. Angela took on the title of Princess, renaming the land Princess Place, as it is known now. Today the land is used for recreational activities such as horseback riding, canoeing, and camping.

Cutting Lodge, the oldest intact structure of Flagler County, FL.

Cutting Lodge, the oldest intact structure of Flagler County, FL.
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