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This cemetery in Winter Park has been operating since 1971 and is one of two city owned cemeteries-along with Palm cemetery which has been operating since 1906.

The cemetery has an abundance of historically significant people buried here, including Marvin C. "Doc" Zanders who was a popular social activist in the Winter Park area.
City of WInter Park. Pineywood Cemetery. Winter Park, Florida: City of WInter Park, n.d. Print. This Brochure includes information concerning the history of the cemetery and information about the official website for the cemetery. "Pineywood Cemetery." Central Florida Genealogical Society. Central Florida Genealogical Society, n.d. Web. 01 Sept. 2016. This website gives basic information for anybody wishing to visit the cemetery. This was published by the Central Florida Genealogical Society and discusses the various significant people who are buried there.