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The World's Largest Drive In Restaurant located Downtown, Atlanta. The Drive in accommodates 600 cars and 800 people inside. This Drive In was made for the many tourists that visited the city after the Georgia Tech Games. The Varsity is known for there fast food made from scratch.


Founded by Mr. Frank Gordy, The first original Varsity was opened in the year of 1928. Mr. Gordy gained a huge reputation by providing and serving some of the best fast food worldwide. Now after opening 7 other sister locations his legacy has allowed visitors from around the world to come and taste the fresh, delicious fast food. The Varsity has provided Southern Hospitality to many people in the entertainment industry also. His determination has allowed him to serve food in the state of Georgia for over 75 years.

What makes the Varsity Special is that it is known for its own special things. As the biggest drive thru in the world it sits 600 cars and also allows 800 people to sit inside and eat their food. Unlike other fast food, the Varsity’s food is made from scratch daily. In the beginning, when serving at the cars, they are identified by numbers and “Curb Men” would sing and dance their way to fame.

An Atlanta Landmark known by all. The Varsity Downtown will always be a part of Atlanta’s History. With more than 30,000 visitors the varsity provides fast food and deserts that will satisfy all needs. With its hoodmade food and flexible hours, you should come and visit.