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Previously a law office, the building was converted into a doctor's office and dispensary in the late 19th century. When the doctor died in 1903 his daughters packed away all of his items and left them to be stored in the building until it came into Historic Madison Incorporated's possession in 1969. Thanks to this the museum hosts much of the doctor's original equipment and furnishings. The two upstairs rooms may have been leased for rent by the Hutchings' family and are set up as bedrooms using furniture and artifacts from the family's home.

  • Historic photo of the office
  • Dr. William Hutchings
The Doctor's daughter, Lida, was a photographer who extensively photographed everyday life in Madison. Several of her photographs are of the office and have helped Historic Madison Inc. attempt to recreate the original look. The family home was next door, but over time was torn down. A small building stands in its place and is being converted into a museum to house the extensive family collections in HMI's possession. 
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