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Founded in 1987, the Tahoe Maritime Museum is dedicated to the history of water activities on Lake Tahoe, be they for work or pleasure. To this end it offers changing exhibits that explore various topics and boasts an impressive collection of watercraft, engines and other water-related equipment. In terms of watercraft, the museum features more than 30 boats on display including an 1890s steam launch and 1960s powerboats. The museum also features an archive that houses numerous items including vintage boat parts, racing trophies, manufacture manuals, early boating publications, photographs of Lake Tahoe, and vintage water skis. In addition to its collections, the museum offers educational programs for people of all ages.

  • The Tahoe Maritime Museum
  • Some of the watercraft on display
  • View inside the museum, with old engines hanging on the far wall
Though it was founded in 1987, the museum didn't really move forward until 1999, when it presented a seasonal display at Sugar Pine Point State Park. It moved into a former hotel sometime after that before demolishing the hotel and building a new museum on the same spot in 2008. A few years later it bought the Tahoe Tree Company building. It has has plans to expand further by developing a museum campus to expand its collection and exhibit space as well as to provide more room for its educational programs.
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