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The Lovejoy Residence is a charming two and a half-story brick house. The first two stories of the building are composed of the crème style brick and the rest is built with multi-textured wood and shingles. This house features two porches: a wrap around porch on the first level and another porch on the second level.

  • The house as it looks today, currently under restoration.
  • The home as it once looked.

Constructed in 1881 for Mr. Allen Perry Lovejoy, this house embodies the whimsical “Douglas Style” of architecture, named for the architect who designed the house, James Douglas of Milwaukee. Lovejoy was a native of Maine and moved to Janesville in 1850. By 1860, Lovejoy had opened a lumberyard in Janesville. Eventually, he diversified his business to incorporate cities around Janesville and invested his money very wisely in several up-and-coming companies. Later he became the Vice-President and later, President of the Janesville Manufacturing Company, which was later sold to General Motors. Lovejoy also dabbled in politics as he was the Janesville Mayor from 1881-1882 and served in the State Senate from 1887-1889. The house was given to the Y.W.C.A. in 1953 and was operated under their care until it was purchased by the current owner.