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Edmonds field was home of the AAA team the Sacramento Salons for fifty years. Edmonds field was big compared to other stadiums at that time. The old wooden field could house around 10000 fans who would fill the stadium to cheer on the Salons for many years to come. Although the Salons played their last game at Edmonds Field in 1960 the park was not torn down until fours later. Today the location of the field is occupied by a Target store which has pictures of Edmond Field on Display.

  • The Edmonds Field Marker at home plate.
  • The original Edmonds Field
  • Outside of Edmonds Field.
  • Edmonds Field after being destroyed by the fire.
  • The fire at Edmonds Field
  • Edmonds Field after it was rebuilt
  • Edmonds field after it was demolished in 1964.

Throughout the fifty year history of Edmonds baseball field in Sacramento it did not hold the same name the entire time. The field had four names before being renamed Edmonds field;  these names were Buffalo Park, Moreing Field, Cardinal Field and Doubleday Park. In 1944 right before the start of the season there were rumors going around that Sacramento may lose its baseball club and that it was going to be sold to a group in Vancouver. After hearing this, Seattle owner Emil Sick made an attempt to purchase the franchise but was told it had already been sold to a group in Tacoma.

 There were many Sacramento natives outraged at hearing that the franchise may be moved. When Richard J. Edmond, the sports editor for the Sacramento Union, heard the news he took action. He first attempted to raise the funds to purchase the team. After failing to raise the money, Edmonds traveled to local businesses seeking investors. They came up with the funds and on February purchased the ballpark and franchise, therefore saving Sacramento’s future in baseball. Edmonds died from pneumonia shortly after this victory. In recognition of his efforts to save the ballpark, the field was named after him on September 9th 1945, becoming Edmonds Field.

The history of Edmond Field spans over fifty years with many games being played at the field and many fans making memories at the park. After being renamed Edmonds Field, the Sacramento Solons played three seasons at the field before tragedy struck. On July 11th 1948 the Solons played a very successful game against the Seattle Rainer’s, thousands of fans gathered to watch as they defeated this team.  It was unknown at this time that this would be the last game played at the field as it was known. After the game a fan threw a cigarette into the stands and hours later the park was completely in flames. The fire could not be controlled and the field was destroyed. The Solons played the rest of that season on the road as plans were put in order for the rebuilding of the field.

After the fire destroyed the field, a new group of investors took ownership of the franchise promising to build an even better field than before, one that would be envied by other franchises. The construction began in October and the field was finished in time for the beginning of the 1949 season. The new Edmonds Field was completely different from the old; instead of wood the field was constructed of concrete. The only thing that had been saved from the fire was the advertisements in the outfield which were left to give fans a feeling of familiarity of the old Edmonds Park.

The Solons played at Edmonds Park for another eleven years after it was rebuilt. Towards the end of these eleven years the franchise experienced many financial problems. Struggling to stay financially stable a fundraiser began to help keep the park open, after the fundraiser failed decisions were made to sell the park and on December 16th 1960 the field was sold. The field remained in Sacramento for four years after it was sold before it was demolished in 1964. Today the location is occupied by a Target Store, and a marker has been placed exactly where home plate stood. This marker allows fans to remember the many years that baseball was played at this very location.




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